Monday 26th September 2016,
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Are You Serious About Getting More Clients?


Jim McCraigh turns the world of conventional services marketing on its ear with 17 Unconventional Ways to Attract More Clients. In it, you’ll learn how to boost your business by doing different. Buckle up for a fresh look at blogs, brochures, associations, LinkedIn, proposals, decision makers, cold calling and much more. All you have to do is embrace one or more of the 17 practical tactics that Jim lays out for you in this free book! Download it now.

17WaysCoverWhite.jpgYou are in for a pleasant surprise… this free book is a little controversial and a bit unconventional as he shares lessons learned from successfully marketing his services and those of others over the last two decades. 17 Unconventional Ways to Attract More Clients is filled with his eye-opening straight talk that takes a fresh approach to selling MORE of your professional services.

The secret to a longer client list is setting yourself apart… to do different and be different in a way that makes prospects sit up and take notice. Doing different can spell the difference between phenomenal success and just getting by. Jim busts the time-honored myths about selling your services. The best part? It will help open up a flood of new clients for you!

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