How One Small Change Can Increase Your Blog Post Readership 500%

Are you a coach or consultant who had more than 100 visitors look at your blog last month… or was it fifty… twenty-five… or even five? It’s not that your blog sucks… because it doesn’t… and that’s the frustration… after all, you put a lot of effort into every post you write. The problem is not your blog; it’s with your readership rates.

If your readership is extremely low, it’s not that you have the cart before the horse; it’s because there is no horse. The fact is that the subscriber list is your horse and the blog is the cart. Build your list and the blog will follow.

How? By guest posting on bigger blogs. Not some quick 250-word thing, but a post that you have put blood sweat and tears into… some of your best stuff. That way hundreds or thousands may read what you post… and that’s worth it!

Make sure the guest post site will provide a link back to your offer of an incentive (like an eBook) to join your list. The 5th or 6th time I posted on Yahoo Finance, a link to my post was featured on their homepage. I got dozens of new subscribers that day! Sweet!

There are those who believe that guest posting is dead… don’t believe them! They are right in the sense that posting hastily contrived junk for the sole purpose of getting backlinks is a thing of the past. Only very high-quality content will get you additional list members… hurriedly written rubbish thrown together to fill a page will only annoy readers and get passed over by search engines.

The flip side of guest posting is to ask non-competitive but complimentary colleagues to guest post on your blog and promote that post to their readers/subscribers. For this to work, you’ll need to find someone whose list is about the same size as yours, or most people won’t agree to do it. List building can be a slow process but well worth it… as some percentage of readers you nurture will become clients or referral sources. Offer a free report or eBook for visitors to join your list.

List building is just that. We want to develop a list of as many potentially interested people to nurture in the hope that they’ll eventually become clients. After all, marketing has always been a numbers game. Since we want as many as we can get, we’ll want to limit the number of questions on your signup form. Here is a checklist for you:

□  Email address

□  First name

That’s all… just the two items. Many visitors are frightened away by the idea of filling out a lengthy or complex form. Keep list building forms simple! You will have opportunities to get more information later.

When you do post, make sure it goes to your list first, then put it up on your blog site a day or two later. Your list gets to see it before the rest of the world. They are special. Treat them that way. Think of your blog as a repository for some of your best writing after your list sees it.

If all this seems overwhelming, it’s not! Successful list builders use list management programs… not their personal email accounts. It may sound complicated, but it’s really quite easy. I could not run my business without one! I have used a number of different ones over the years, but I like AWeber and GetResponse, and MailChimp, three of the easiest to use ones that I have found. All have free trials so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Immediately after someone signs up for your list, auto-send them a confirming thank you email. Then, with your list management providers autoresponder features, send them regular messages made up of your best individual blog posts from the past… one at a time over a period of weeks or months.

Think of your list as a room full of people waiting to hear you speak; who like you and are interested in what you have to say. Offer useful information they will find helpful, such as useful links, books, reports or case studies.

I’m on a mission… Not to create tiny changes to your business that are barely noticeable… but to help coaches and consultants make the kind of impact that will literally change your life and that of your family!

It’s time to stop underearning and start making the kind of money you deserve…

Jim McCraigh helps his clients build profitable, growing and sustainable business. He is on a mission to help you sell more of your professional services! He has been the owner of Business Growth Strategies, a professional services firm, since 1987