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Ever feel like your business is on a razor’s edge?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

One day, you feel like you’re kicking ass and taking names.

You feel invincible…

You’ve got it all figured out.

Business is good.

Your bank account looks great…

Then out of nowhere, things start slowing down. Not as many new clients are coming in. And the leads that you do have, well for some reason they’re just not closing as quickly. And isn’t always at times like these, that you’ll end up losing a big client? When it rains, it pours.

Just Imagine…

• You have a steady flow of clients and never worry about money again

• You know exactly how to convert them into new clients

• You are earning the kind of fees you want

• Your proposals are routinely accepted by your clients

• You are providing what your clients really want

I’m on a mission to help you make the kind of impact that will literally change your life and that of your family.

No matter what stage your business is at today…

And let me say, there’s no sugarcoating it, NOT generating leads and converting them into new clients is a business killer.

But there is a way to eliminate it….

You must have a system!

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Here is what just a few course participants are saying…

“As a consultant, one of my biggest challenges has not been simply acquiring leads — but turning these leads into profitable clients. Jim’s Client Acquisition System is a fantastic course for consultants looking to stop relying on luck with their marketing efforts and start building a repeatable, predictable method for turning leads into clients.”

– Tsavo Neal, Web Consultant, Surrey, British Columbia

“I’m impressed… I found Jim’s course to be extremely helpful! The content was something that I could use right away to help build my practice.”

– Skip Torresson, Senior Consultant, Broomall, PA

“Jim has done a great job in identifying key issues that face many consultants!”

– John Todor, Co-Founder, Living55 Plus, San Francisco Bay Area, California

“I really liked the “straight talk” approach in this material. It relaxes the reader and puts him or her in a mode of basically sitting at a table with Jim as he goes through insights that will help them get on a road to greater success!”

– Herman Dixon, Business Coach and Consultant, Summerville, South Carolina

That’s why I want to invite you to take advantage of my free Client Acquisition System

Close your eyes and imagine that you have 3 or 4 new prospective client meetings scheduled in the next month and then imagine that at least one and maybe even two of them become clients!

This doesn’t have to be a fantasy, it can be done if you have a system for converting leads to clients.

Why listen to me? I’ve spent 30+ years as a coach/consultant working with Fortune 500 companies as well as professionals like you. I knew this was a major problem that needed to be solved. Because I’ve seen too many coaches and consultants struggle with this… I created my free Client Acquisition System Course.

If you run a coaching or consulting business or any type of client-service oriented organization where you are responsible for both selling and delivering the work, you know there is a constant tension between time spent selling and time spent with clients. This course will make it easier for you to achieve a profitable balance in your business!

Here’s an outline of the content that will help take your practice to the next level of profitability…

Part 1: How to Convert Leads into New Clients

Part 2: Power Questions that Will Get You More New Clients

Part 3: Getting Paid What You are Worth

Part 4: Creating and Presenting Client Winning Proposals

Part 5: Putting it all Together… What Clients Really Want!

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