We Don’t Need Anymore Self-Proclaimed Experts… Say What?

My friend Nancy Erickson (AKA “The Book Professor”) maintains that as a coach, consultant or speaker, you have the opportunity to influence millions. You have the expertise and solutions that can help others. You know how to tell a story, and you have testimonials. You’re talented and what you have to say matters. But she asks this question… How will they know you’re an expert in your field?

The answer, Nancy says, is that without one of these, you’re just another self-proclaimed expert. What is it?  Find out here…

Nancy Erickson’s entire life and all her experiences have led her to this point. She has worked in big business, small businesses, nonprofits, and has been self-employed. Nancy has written books, developed curricula, published other people’s books, and taught university classes. And now she is The Book Professor, your personal book writing coach. Reach her at thebookprofessor.com