Why Not Host a Client Generating “Power Breakfast”?

I don’t need to remind you that speaking is a powerful way to promote yourself, but if your next presentation is three months from now, that doesn’t you help get clients this week. But, this likely will… I’ve done this more than once with great results!

Why not host a “Power Breakfast” this month?

There’s nothing like face-to-face contact over coffee and bagels, sweet rolls, tortillas, toast, doughnuts or even English muffins!

Book an early morning hotel meeting room (or at your bank’s or CPA’s office conference room) for a breakfast meeting. Breakfast is an easier time to get people into a room. Once they are at work, it’s harder for them to get away mid-day for lunch. And forget about anything related to or after the cocktail hour… in my experience, you’ll lose them after the first drink! Trust me, I’ve been there!

Invite local acquaintances, clients, former clients, and referral sources. Send them two free “tickets” each and invite them to bring a guest. Have an assistant follow-up for RSVPs. I like to line up at least 15 attendees so it looks better if you have some no-shows. Have “networking” for the first 20 minutes, then start your talk once they are nearly done eating.

Keep the food simple… like a continental breakfast to avoid distracting service hassles. Plan no more than 90 minutes for the entire event. Leave time at the end for questions and some time to visit with attendees at the end. In my experience, Thursdays are pretty good days but may vary in your business… so do a little research.

Boost attendance by giving your talk a benefit-laden title that makes people want to attend!

Consider this quote from a reader who has implemented this idea…

I’m holding my 2nd power breakfast next week with 10 invitees. The first one led to 2 new engagements and the idea for a new exec article. Since I live in Cajun country we called it bagels and boudin. Thanks for the idea!                                                                                                 ~ Brent Henley, Lafayette, LA

Your objective in all this? To meet people and demonstrate that you are a credible authority in your area of expertise who can help them. Have someone else introduce you with a double-spaced one-page intro you have prepared in advance. (Let them see it in advance so they don’t trip over the words when they are reading it.) That might be someone like your banker or accountant “sponsor” who can also benefit from meeting the same people. Heck, they may even help share the food costs with you!